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Featured Original Games by EntropicOrder

Ballads of Reemus
Reemus the exterminator and Liam the purple bear want a heroic ballad to call their own, but first they'll have to deal with a mob of angry townsfolk and an army of bed bugs, termites and fire ants. Come join them on this might quest for fame and glory! The first commercial game in the series and the first to feature fully voice acted dialogue.
Journeys of Reemus 4
Reemus and Liam arrive on the shores of Danricus to stop the monster invasion. Unfortunately they get caught up in the bumbling bureaucratic process of the Department of Heroes and find themselves in a race against the clock to stop the death slug enslaved Gygax monsters.
Stake Your Claim
Plant tree lines, discover mountain ranges and construct tower lined castle walls to fortify your land and claim it as your own. A 1-2 player turn-based puzzle game inspired by the childhood pen-and-paper favorite "dots and lines" game, but with brand new game mechanics, skilled AI, different game modes and achievements.
Citizen Ugly
Help the zombies, robots and vampires of New York city in the hilarious adventure game Ugly Americans: Citizen Ugly. Also, play the auction game Buy Buy Buy! to win all 100 funny items. Two games made by ClickShake Games for Comedy Central.
Paradox Embrace
Master the worlds of the Mystical, Natural and Analytical in this epic puzzle platformer game of casual exploration and discovery. Escape from black hounds, demons and mech bugs. Discover keys and potions and unlock the mystery of the Paradox.
Shape Switcher
Help our shape shifting friend discover his hidden powers of color and shape changing to unlock doors and escape the maze in this Flash puzzle game! 13 unique levels to play, plus a level editor to make and share custom levels with your friends.
Kanye vs Taylor
Choke up on your moonman and send Kanye West back to his seat where he belongs! Help Taylor Swift finish her speech without letting Kanye grab your mic. If he gets a hold of it, don't let him say too much or you'll run out of time for all your thank you's!
Buried Alive!
Think you can survive 6 levels of meanies trying to bury you alive by throwing Tetris style blocks of dirt, rock and sand at you? Get them to throw the blocks in the right places so you can climb up the dirt to make your way to safety at the top.
Sik Trix BMX
Nail the sickest, most absolutely insane BMX tricks ever as you launch yourself from street ramps to the rooftops of buildings! Tons of characters to choose from, each with their own unique sets of tricks. Unlock awesome new characters and giant city levels by getting high scores and finding all the hidden power-ups.
Rooftop Skater
Customize your skater and hit the rooftops for some extreme skateboarding action. Bust your highest ollie to pull off as many trick combos as you can, but make sure to land correctly 'cuz you don't want to fall from these heights! Hours of addictive game play in 6 unique levels.
Demonic Goat
Shoot fireballs at axe-wielding sheep, use your magic wings to evade lightning attacks, take control of catapults and air balloon bombers to conquer all and gain ultimate power in this challenging side-scrolling action game. Contains 5 exciting game modes and an animated storyline.
Snake Game
It's the Flash version of the classic game of eating, growing and avoiding biting your own increasingly long tail, popular on many cell phones but now on your computer. Multiple levels to beat with different environments and obstacles to keep things interesting.
Escape the grip of the threateningly motionless logs without messing up your tasty frosted hair-do in this fun bite-sized game. Compete against your friends for highest score.
Speed Card Game
Test your reflexes with this fast paced card game. Empty your hand and deck onto the center piles as quickly as possible before your opponent beats you to it! Play against the computer on 3 different difficulty settings.
There's a lot of poor content out on the Internets. Send as much of it as you can into your Recycle Bin before it lands on your task bar and you get stuck experiencing its mediocrity in this progressively difficult arcade style game.
Original Rooftop Skater
The original building hopping skateboarding game! Tons of unique characters and levels. This version includes level editor and player submitted levels.

Latest Developer Blog Posts & Reviews

Ballads of Reemus is now live!

01/31/12 - After 2 years of development, the dual release of Ballads of Reemus: When the Bed Bites and Several Journeys of Reemus Chapter 4 is now live!

Zeebarf and I, under the co-created company ClickShake Games, set out to create this release plan in the summer of 2010. We realized the timeline was a little ambitious, but we've finally pulled it off for 2012 and we're excited that both games are finished and ready to enjoy. :)

The game is a funny and intriguing point and click comic adventure set in a world of strange plants and giant insects in need of a hero, if only Reemus the exterminator could live up to that expectation! He'll sure try with the help of his sidekick Liam the purple bear. Only time will tell if he can catch up to the shadow of his famous brother Raymus the dragon slayer.

Journeys of Reemus 4 is a free web game with non-linear quest solving. Ballads of Reemus is way bigger and has 100% voice acted dialogue, fully animated cutscenes, sidequests and lots of puzzles. You can play the Ballads demo to try it before you buy it.

Have fun!

ClickShake Games, new games for Comedy Central

03/15/10 - Since January 1st, I've been developing games full time alongside Jay Ziebarth (AKA Zeebarf), and we formed a new game development company called ClickShake Games. I've updated the site header with our logo, as all my efforts will be going toward building up our new venture. Since Paradox Embrace, we've released 2 new games for Comedy Central: Buy Buy Buy! and Ugly Americans: Citizen Ugly. Right now we're working an original ClickShake game, which will be a huge multi-part release. More details coming soon!

Flash Gaming Summit was a great time. See pictures and read about our trip on the ClickShake Facebook page.

ByteJacker Votes Paradox Embrace Best Indie Game

01/21/10 - Of the 3 games nominated during last week's ByteJacker episode, Paradox Embrace was chosen as the best free indie game of the week!

Also, I'm planning to attend the 2010 Flash Gaming Summit! I'm really looking forward to meeting lots of people in person, especially those I've only talked to online. Should be a good time and I hope to see you there.

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