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Snake Game

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The classic snake game on many cell phones, now on your computer. Make sure your snake doesn't bite his own tail or stick his neck into the water, road or lava. Play through 3 progressively challenging levels on an island, in the middle of a race track and inside a volcano.

How to Play Snake

Press play once the game has loaded, then press any Arrow key to start your snake. Use the arrow keys to turn. You will grow a little more for each yellow pill that you eat, causing your tail to be more of an obstacle as you go. Watch out for running into tires and rocks and biting your tail. After eating about 30 yellow pills in a row, a blue pill will appear that will advance you to the next level if you eat it. Snake Game has 3 fun and challenging levels However, the blue pill disappears after a few seconds and you'll have to eat another yellow pill to cause it to reappear for another chance. Pills are worth 1 point and level ups are worth 50 points.

Snake Game Tips
  • Try to stay away from things you might run into as much as possible. Approach pills from a straight line some distance away from them, rather than setting yourself up to have to turn quickly. Especially try to avoid situations where you have to turn multiple times in a row.
  • As your snake gets longer, make sure you don't box yourself in leaving yourself no choice but to eat your tail. Circle back around if you have to.
  • Hold down the arrow keys instead of pressing them only when you are turning to more easily control your snake.
  • If you're going for highest score or to see how long your snake can get, you can just avoid the blue pill and keep getting yellow pills.
  • When I made the game, I accidentally left the Lives text box editable, so you can enter your own number of lives for infinite continues! (Just don't do this if you're trying to get your legitimately highest score.)
  • Unfortunately the email and site links in-game are broken and cannot be fixed, so please don't click them. Please link to or contact me here.
Fun Facts About EntropicOrder's Snake Game
  • The "trashy" reward mentioned in-game is a list of secret codes for my other game Garbage.
  • In the credits you'll see New Zion listed as one of the music credits. This is the name of a band idea I worked on many years ago. The song Introspection was something I came up with when I got my first electronic effects pedal for my guitar.
  • If only I had made the level advancing pill red, I could have setup a Matrix reference for seeing how deep the snake-hole goes.
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