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Cupcapades Flash GameOut of the oven of destiny was born the one and only cupcake who could save the bakery from certain doom. He must travel across the perilous beach and avoid damaging his delicate frosting head and crumby body to reach the one place rumored to hold the most powerful secret of all time... oh who am I kidding. This game has no plot and makes absolutely no sense, but it's fun! Send the daring delicacy flipping through the air to avoid incoming logs. See how long you can keep moving, competing against your friends or your personal best for the highest score.

The Real Life Cupcapades How to Play
  • Begin by pressing Play in the lower right of the game above once it has loaded.
  • Press Space bar to make Mr. Cupcake jump and Left/Right arrow keys to move.
  • Avoid tripping over or landing on logs moving across the bottom of the screen as long as possible to get maximum score.
Fun Facts
  • You can now play the sequel Cupcapades 2 at
  • Brought to you by the same team that made the banner-sized game Demonic Goat.
  • To the right is a funny Photoshopped image I made of the "real life cupcapades".
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Kenshino Productions
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