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Paradox Embrace

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Paradox Embrace is a puzzle platformer Flash game with 9 huge organic levels, patrolling enemies, special keys that unlock different doors and unique perspective-changing gameplay. It is a casual game of exploration and discovery in a multi-directional platforming style.

Awards and Mentions: Want more on the game? Read how to play, hints and tips, the story behind it. Play on to track your ingame achievements, or on to compete against others for fastest Game Time.

Sponsored by Design and Programming by Steve Castro of Art by Jay Ziebarth of Music and Sound Effects by Caulder Bradford of

How to Play Paradox Embrace
  • Use arrow or WASD keys on your keyboard to move left and right. Press up arrow or Spacebar to jump.
  • Press Down arrow or S key near a Changer to change yourself and the world around you. Watch as obstacles once in your way are now passable, and items you need become ghosted and temporarily unattainable.
  • Learn when and where to change to traverse the world, find the keys, unlock the doors and work your way to the trophy at the end of every level.
  • Hold Down or S to lower the camera to look down below to see what you're getting into before taking a leap.
  • Stand still near a door or a key to get a hint in the form of a thought bubble about what you need to unlock or pick up that item.
  • Press ESC at any time to return to the map or to the menu or skip the cutscenes. Press ESC or P during the game to pause.
  • If you are a returning player and want to get back into the game quickly, you can just mouse click the game to activate it and the press space to skip the loading screen, main menu and level camera pan.
  • For smaller monitors, press F11 on your keyboard to put your browser into full-screen mode to prevent the game from getting cut off.
  • For older computers, press the Q button in game to lower the game quality for better performance. This is recommended for computers with less than 1GB of RAM.
Paradox Embrace Game Tips and Tricks
  • There are 3 kinds of keys and 3 types of doors. Yellow keys unlock wooden doors, red keys unlock pearly gates and flasks open purple barriers. Each key can only be collected in its corresponding mode, but once you have it you can open its door in any mode. Keys you cannot pickup in the current mode will appear transparent like a ghost.
  • Once you beat a level, replaying it will display a timer so you can complete a speed run, earning you achievements and bragging rights to challenge your friends. Make sure to dodge enemies though, as getting hurt will add 10 seconds to the timer!
  • The game automatically saves your progress so you can close your browser, return to the site you first played it on and pick up where you left off. To delete the save and start the entire game over, click on the "Clear Saved Data" button on the upper left of the main menu.
  • Each level gives you a quote once you pass it telling a little piece of the story. Try dieing on each level too get a differnet quote to put the whole thing together!

Story of embracing the paradox

I'm trying to wrap my mind around it, to fit the pieces together and form something coherent. But each time I try it shatters me, bringing the grand scheme crashing down and leaving me where I started, only with more scars and more questions. They insist it must be obtainable and in perfect symmetry, but I'm beginning to have my doubts. I have yet nothing to show for my efforts, but alas I must complete this journey. I have turned over every stone and there is no where left to turn. Paradox embrace is my only option...

I have tried beating them with sticks, shoving them off into the pits, and even jumping on their heads, but there seems to be no physical way to hurt these creatures. Their howls echo loudly in my skull, leaving me a little less willing to continue on each time. Did that shadowy man sick them on me? Are they like him? What is he even? For now I will just have to avoid them, and see if I can make my way through this strange place.

I remember now! The shadow man; I knew I had seen him before! He was there, just outside my bedroom window while I laid awake in bed as a child, in the audience that time I froze in fear during my school performance, behind me as I quickly scrambled for my keys to my house. He was much smaller then. Barely humanoid. Somehow he is larger now. And stronger! I've tried to hide. I've tried to run. He still found me though, no longer hiding in the darkness, chasing me even in broad daylight. I have to do something...

Is this path the right answer? Should I embrace it, or will it embrace me so tightly that I won't be able to breath anymore? I feel it inside me, building tunnels in my skull, and the echos of my tormentors' screams don't bother me so much anymore. In fact, sometimes I don't even notice them. But will these tunnels become chasms so wide there'll be nothing holding my brains in place? Maybe it's exactly what they're hoping for. I must figure this out, even if it's the last thing I do.

Sponsor and co-creators respectively:
Newgrounds - Everything by Everyone Zeebarf Games and Animations Diverge Games

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