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Rooftop Skater

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Rooftop Skater is the extreme skateboarding game that took the internet by storm! Make your skater land incredible tricks while clearing death-defying gaps from rooftop to rooftop. Choose your skater and customize your clothes to make sure your hand plants over the city skyline are done in style. Perfect your rocky fakie, kickflip, method air, indy grab or bust out amazing new tricks like Hangin' Out or the Chopper to get the highest scores. See if you can take your skater all the way to the rooftop with the finish line on the more challenging levels.

Hand Plant How to Play Rooftop Skater
  • Begin by pressing Play in the middle left of the game once it has loaded. Choose your skater and level and press Play in the upper right to start skating on the rooftop.
  • Everything is easily controlled using the Spacebar and Arrow keys
  • Jump (ollie) by pressing Spacebar while on the rooftop, and then you can start stringing tricks together into high scoring combinations once you are airborne.
  • Press Left and Right arrow keys to move forward or rotate while airborne
  • If your skater falls off a building, press Spacebar to climb back up the nearest ladder. Fall too many times and your health will run out and your run will end.
  • Keep holding the forward arrow key to gain speed and launch off ramps onto other buildings. Release the forward arrow key just before your skater hits a ramp to launch straight up in the air. The faster you go the higher you will ollie. Press the back arrow key to slow down.
  • Make sure you land on your skateboard's wheels or your skater will crash and possibly fall right off the building! When launching straight up from a ramp, you must be vertical to land back on the ramp.
Rooftop Skater Game Tips
  • Buildings with ramps on both ends are great for building up lots of speed that you often need to make it to the next rooftop, but it's best to go a little slower for some parts.
  • When trying to reach the finish line, you'll notice ladders along the way. These are savepoints that you will return to if you fall beyond them.
  • Use the different window styles to determine where you on wider buildings.
  • The graphics quality defaults to medium. If the game is slow or if your computer can handle the highest quality, you can adjust this by right clicking anywhere on the game, hovering over Quality and selecting the level you want.
  • In game, you can press Music to toggle the music track. Press Exit to return to the menu or Restart to reset the current level.
  • Every level can be passed, but later levels like Impossible are not for beginners!
  • For tricks you hold like Rocky Fakie and Hand Plant, release the trick before the timer winds down to avoid falling.
Rooftop Skater Trick List - How to kickflip, method air, indy grab and more. Click to open in new window

Rooftop Skater Fun Facts
  • Rooftop Skater has been viewed over 12 million times on Newgrounds alone and millions more on Sports Illustrated for Kids, (not to mention all the thousands of sites who stole it).
  • TechTV featured Rooftop Skater as Site of the Nite on July 24, 2002.
Psycho Goldfish Creative Media Sports Illustrated for Kids
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