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The Ballads of Reemus: When the Bed Bites

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In the Kingdom of Fredricus, where 97% of the population is illiterate, the only real way to get your name known is through song. High tales of adventure sung in ballad form delight crowds and guarantee celebrity status to whoever finds their name in the lyrics. So for Reemus the exterminator, who lives his life being known as the less successful brother of the great and mighty dragon slayer Raymus the Mighty, creating a ballad of his own is crucial to carving out his identity.

Unfortunately every extermination job Reemus has ever undertaken has resulted in fire, flooding and massive property damage. Not exactly the most heroic tales to win over a crowd.

But persistence pays off and after a lengthy battle with a house fly, Reemus has finally scored the victory he needs to craft an epic ballad. There's only one problem, the town is way too distracted to listen. Now Reemus and Liam must saddle up and embark on a quest to restore order to Fredricus and refocus the townsfolk's attention back to where they need it, on them!

Sludge through swamps, barter with merchants, fly with birds, tunnel into underground lairs and battle giant insects as Reemus and Liam stop at nothing to get people to pay attention to them! 15 minutes of fame has never been so hard!

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