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Shape Switcher

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Help our shape shifting friend discover his hidden powers of color switching and shape changing to unlock doors and escape the maze in this free online Flash puzzle game! Play 13 interesting levels shape switching.

Download Shape Switcher for your site or to play offline.
This game may be freely distributed. Please link back to the author.
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If you're interested in purchasing a full featured licensed copy of this game for your site with your branding and no outside ads, please contact me at eo_com [at]
How to play Shape Switcher
  • There are red, green and blue lightning bolt tiles that switch your color but maintain your shape, and there are square, circle and triangle tiles that switch your shape but keep your color. Simply step onto the tile to magically transform and morph yourself into the key needed to open the next door.
  • There are doors with icons on them indicating what the key to opening them is. Some require only a shape to open, and others just need the right color to pass through, but some require both the right shape and the right color.
  • The glowing yellow star is your goal you must reach to continue on to the next level. Switch shape and color in the right order to open the doors to reach your goal and make it out of the puzzle mansion.
  • There is an in-game level editor for you to create your own custom challenges, which you can share directly with your friends or automatically upload to the server for other players to load and play.
Game Tips
  • The bottom of Shape Switcher is what touches the ground, so keep the player's bottom in the middle of a tile when trying to navigate through doors or avoid tiles. In other words, the whole of his body doesn't have to be inside a tile as only the bottom of the player is where the collision detection is.
  • Press Reset if you get stuck and need to start over, as it is possible to be stuck in a room as the wrong shape or color for the doors leading out if you take the wrong series of turns.
  • Tan is not a color you need to match and lightning bolt is not a shape you have to match (try not to confuse a triangle for a lightning bolt). In other words, you only need to match the color for doors with lightning bolts, and doors with tan shapes only require the right shape to open.
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