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Kanye vs Taylor

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A parody game of the 2009 VMA's. Kanye West is known for voicing his opinion whenever he feels like it, and this year he decided to do it again. Taylor Swift is a nice young singer who won the moonman but not in Kanye's heart, so he strolls on stage, grabs her mic and gives the world a piece of his mind, leaving Taylor reeling!

Once the speechlessness has worn off, grab your trophy and start a swinging to show Kanye what's on Taylor's mind! The music channels won't know what to do! To win, finish all parts of your speech without letting Kanye finish what he's trying to say.
Kanye thought Beyonce should have won so he decides to bust up on stage, grab the microphone out of Taylor's hands, and tell the audience his opinion! In this game Taylor decides he should have stayed in his seat and plans to send him back to it flying!

Finish your acceptance speech and thank everyone who helped you make the winning video, without letting Kanye get in too many words or you'll give up and burst into tears.

Yo Kanye, Ima let you finish, but I herd you like interrupting so I interrupted
your interruption so you can feel like a fool while you act like a fool.

Here's some links if you haven't seen this on TV or in the news:
Read about the event and watch it on video
Watch Taylor Swift's reaction on TheView

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