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Scary Games to Play

Deady is the embodiment of evil manifest in a scary little teddy bear. Run through the graveyard smacking down demon skeletal bats and freakish skeleton warriors and then surf on a tomb stone just before hitching a ride on one of the aforementioned evil bats. It's easy to play as you just move your mouse to guide your bear, press space to jump and click to attack.

Nightmares Online Adventure Game is point and click scary adventure game. You have to find items in the world that help you face your fears so that you can get some sleep and not be afraid at night. It's made for kids, but it's still scary and fun enough for adults to enjoy too!

Dead Frontier has a series of single player games in top down view with 3D graphics where you wander around in the dark shooting zombies while trying to retain your sanity. It's similar to the Resident Evil games in that everything is mostly dark except for a small lit patch around your player. Just click to shoot and press space to reload, while avoiding the scary, lanky zombies that walk or crawl at you. The rooms are short and the point is to just survive the night, but the site promises to have a multiplayer version to play this year so that should be interesting.

The Ghost Pirate Attacks - No scary game collection would be complete without a Scooby Doo game and Warner Bros' site has a bunch of them. You watch short cartoon clips and then play by walking around as Shaggy and Scooby Doo in isometic view searching for items to help you get around the ship. You have to solve the mystery without getting caught by the bad guys or totally scared out of your minds. It's like a big interactive cartoon show.

You might also like Haunted House Massacre playable on It's also a point and click maze-like scary game. This scary game collection was brought to you by EntropicOrder, online game developer and creator of Sik Trix BMX and Rooftop Skater. Check out our other great games.

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