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Buried Alive!

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Try to escape getting buried alive in all 6 levels of this Tetris inspired, arcade style action puzzle game. Avoid getting squashed or trapped by falling dirt, rocks and sand while using the stacking bricks to climb to safety. Hours of death-defying fun!

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Mr. Orange is tired of kids skating on his roof, so he setup a trap to bury the rooftop skater alive! He also has some bombs in case the dirt doesn't do the trick. Live through that and then see if you can survive what the meanies in the other 5 levels have in store for you. Will you make it past all the unique ways they try to squish, smash, drown, slice and burn you?

Buried Alive Game Tips
  • Place tall sides of bricks against the wall or other bricks to avoid being stuck beside them, as you can only step up onto short sides of bricks.
  • For level 2, put bricks in the center to climb up because outer bricks are destroyed by the moving walls.
  • You can run over deep but narrow holes, which is very helpful toward the end of level 3.
  • Replay levels to improve your high score.
Buried Alive Fun Facts
  • This is a follow-up to the demo uploaded to The reviews of that simple demo were so positive that it encouraged me to flesh it out with fun new game play mechanics and brick types. Many of the suggested features that came out of that demo were included in this brand new full version.
  • You might recognize the main character Fred from the original Rooftop Skater and Sik Trix BMX.
Please send any suggestions, bugs, or game license requests via this contact info.
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