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Rooftop Skater (Original)

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The original Rooftop Skater version that started it all. Take your skateboard to the city heights and use your skills to pull out awesome tricks while trying to stay alive! Fun for skaters and non-skaters alike! This version includes a level editor, 9 different characters and 6 pre-made levels. I have tons of player submitted levels that I am considering for inclusion on this page.

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Around 2001 I was playing the original Tony Hawk games and was skateboarding myself a ton, so I decided to create my own Flash version of extreme rooftop skating. I released the game to and millions of people found it as fun as I did. Sports Illustrated for Kids liked skating on the rooftops so much that they sponsored a revamped version for their site where it has picked up millions more hits.

Trick List - Learn to nose grab, shove it, superman and more. Click to open in new window

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