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Speed Card Game

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Speed is a fun card game that has no turns and is all about emptying your hand faster than your opponent and a little bit of luck. It's a great game to play at home but this free online Flash version of Speed lets you play even when you don't have someone to play with. You get to play against the computer on 3 difficult settings and it's pretty fast on hard mode! To start the game just close the instructions window and click on one of the two cards in the middle of the screen. Use up and down arrow keys to tell the game you want to place a card higher or lower than the stack and click a stack in the middle to play your card. Hit the exclamation mark (!) button to reset the game, the music note button to toggle the music, or the question mark (?) button to reopen the instructions window. Hope you enjoy playing our Speed Card Game!

How to Play Speed Card Game

I'll tell you how you can play at home and this will also help you understand how to play it online. Speed is for 2 players. Each player gets a stack of 20 cards and gets to see a hand of 5 of them at a time. The rest of the cards are laid face-down on the table with 2 cards side by side in the middle and a stack of 5 cards on either side.

The game is started by each player flipping one of the cards in the middle face up. (Online you just click on either of the two middle cards.) If you have a card in your hand that is either one higher or one lower than one of the middle cards, then you may place the card from your hand onto that card. Aces go on Kings and vice versa. Whenever your hand has fewer than 5 cards you can refill your hand from your stack back up to 5 cards at any time.

If neither player can play a card and both have a full hand, both players flip a card from the stacks on the sides of the middle cards and lay them face up onto the middle cards and play continues. If the side stacks run out, just shuffle the discarded cards and reform the side stacks.

First player to empty his hand and stack wins!

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