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Other cool sites
Here's some cool sites we recommend you check out. - The original and best Flash game and movie site. This is where I first learned about the Flash game development community and where I became well known for Rooftop Skater and Sik Trix BMX. These guys have produced games for all the major consoles and XBox Live Arcade.

Psycho Goldfish Creative Media - This guy has been making games for many years and is well known for Mini Putt and other original games. PG and I worked together on Rooftop Skater 2 and Sik Trix BMX. He's a great programmer and animator.

Plush Quest Free Online Animal Games - A fun and colorful game portal featuring all types of animal related games. It's got games about cows, penguins, horses and many more creatures. Safe for kids and fun for all ages.

Fupa Games - Free Online Flash Arcade Games - Fupa helped make Shape Switcher possible via sponsorship, so give their site a try, would ya?

GameLinks is a cool site that has a ton of games. - I like this site because they support developers by bringing traffic to the developer's site instead of just hosting the game on their site.

Check out Heavy Games and Kicking Games for some great free online Flash games. If you're a game developer I'd be glad to link to your site if I like your stuff. Note that we are not participating in any link exchanges with portal sites at this time. We do not link to gambling sites.

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