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ClickShake Games, new games for Comedy Central

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03/15/10 - Since January 1st, I've been developing games full time alongside Jay Ziebarth (AKA Zeebarf), and we formed a new game development company called ClickShake Games. I've updated the site header with our logo, as all my efforts will be going toward building up our new venture. Since Paradox Embrace, we've released 2 new games for Comedy Central: Buy Buy Buy! and Ugly Americans: Citizen Ugly. Right now we're working an original ClickShake game, which will be a huge multi-part release. More details coming soon!

Flash Gaming Summit was a great time. See pictures and read about our trip on the ClickShake Facebook page.

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hhe on 01/1/11 02:02AM said: nice but you could modify them a bit to make them hit multipul times and faster

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